Wednesday, 30 November 2011

yes! i'm adila deluna ♥☺!

i got my life back..
at my hometown.. not a bad gurl like before..
i've changed for myself..for my family..
and ofcuz for my beloved adam..
think positive and be matured..
that is what im gonna think for go through my life..
not like before..easy to feed up and give up..
now..i've build a new life that i really2 like it..
i dont want to make any mistake anymore..
i'll refer to my love if there's something that suspicious to me..
or else i'll ask to my parents and family..
and if i dont have any answer or feel give up..
i'll refer to the one~ ALLAH..
a little bit says..
life is too short..
grudges are a waste of perfect happiness..
laugh when you can..
apologise when you should..
and let go of when you cant change..
love deeply and FORGIVE quickly..
take chances, give everything and have no regrets..
life is SHORT to be unhappy..
you have to take the good with the bad..
SMILE when you are SAD..
LOVE what you got..
and always remember what you had..
always forgive but NEVER FORGET..
LEARN from the mistake..
but always remember..

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